Images from Third Parties

Red Hat makes certified containers from our third-party partners available through the Red Hat Container Catalog. These containers are provided by our ISV partners, utilizing underlying technology (i.e., base layers) from Red Hat.

What are Red Hat certified containers?

Red Hat Certified Containers are containers that are provided by our software partners and have successfully completed the Red Hat container certification. These containers come from a trusted source and have been assessed by Red Hat for adherence to certain standards before publishing. Software vendors are responsible for maintaining their containers and keeping them current.

Are these production-quality images?

The majority of the images have production-quality content. When this is not the case, the repository will have a designation of either Beta or Deprecated.

I downloaded a certified ISV container from the Red Hat registry. How do I get support for it?

Most of the ISV images available through the Red Hat Container Catalog require licenses with support or subscriptions for use from their publisher. The publisher of each certified container is shown on the product page of the container, so that users can determine the container’s origin and any licensing or support requirements. The ISV has primary responsibility for supporting the application and should be the initial point of contact for any questions, Red Hat will provide support for the Red Hat layers and components that are embedded in the certified container if the issues with usage pertain to the Red Hat content, provided that the end user has an appropriate subscription. See Red Hat Container Support Policy for additional information.

How are certified containers maintained?

Certified containers are updated by the identified vendor. Red Hat has guidelines in place dictating scenarios where an update should or must be provided. Vendors who do not comply with the policy to update certified containers may be removed from the Red Hat Container Catalog.

What does the “Container Health Index” mean for ISV images?

See this article for information on the CHI. The Container Health Index for Certified containers only applies to the Red Hat content and has certain limitations.

How do I purchase certified containers from third parties?

To purchase third party software, contact the vendor directly by using the website information on the vendor’s page in the Red Hat Container Catalog. Note that certified third party software packaged in a container will in most cases also require a subscription for the underlying base layers. To purchase Red Hat software, contact sales or visit the Red Hat Store online.

What is the certification process?

Certification is an activity where:

  • Red Hat establishes a set of criteria to establish compatibility with Red Hat products

  • Red Hat engages with the ISV to assist with their understanding of the technology, best practices, and the certification criteria

  • If necessary, the ISV makes changes to their product, its installation, its documentation, etc. in order to fulfill the certification criteria

  • Red Hat tests that the criteria have been met, and if so awards a certification

How do I obtain a login to download a certified container?

All Red Hat customers can download certified container images listed in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog. If you do not have a customer portal user account, contact your organization administrator.

I was unsuccessful pulling certified container after logging in. What might have happened?

In some cases, users may be denied access to certain content due to export control restrictions in force. If you are a Red Hat customer, contact customer support.